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Religious organizations that provide opportunities for people to satisfy their inner needs and enhance their spiritual growth through organized worship or through other devotional activities under the auspices of one of the group of religious faiths that is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Use this code for Christian denominations that are not specified below as well as their ministries, missions or missionary activities; bible camps and schools. (rev. 11/04)

God is at work in India

Reaching every person. Rescuing every child.

Transforming children in Christ through His church

Training and mentoring urban youth leaders, so that they have the tools they need to transform lives.

Transforming Lives through God's Word

Train to Lead, Equip to Serve

Leading Christians into Purity Since 1986.

Where she is, as she is

Empowering People. Building Communities. Saving Lives.

Planting a church in every village and town in the Amazon Basin

Equipping a new generation of bible teachers

Equipping Leaders. Spreading the Gospel.

Equip. Unleash. Disciple.
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