Camp Fire National Headquarters
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Camp Fire National Headquarters
Every Camp Fire program is built with Thrive{ology}: the science of helping youth thrive. It's a proven, research-based methodology to help youth find their sparks and discover who they are. Our trained, adult champions give youth the tools they need to become leaders in their community, school, or their peer group today.

Founded in 1910, Camp Fire annually reaches more than 120,000 youth aged 5-17. Councils deliver curriculum-based programs at 1,500 program sites in 26 states and Washington D.C., in highly diverse delivery settings through Camp & Environmental Education, School Year Programs, and Teen Service & Leadership.

Despite a 64-year head start as a female-only organization, Camp Fire nearly matches the overall population by gender, with 46% male participants and 54% female participants. Transgender program participants comprise 0.01% of youth served, compared to 0.3% of the overall adult population nationally. At Camp Fire, everyone is welcome.
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