Andy Roddick Foundation
We enrich the lives of children when they're not in school
Andy Roddick Foundation
The Andy Roddick Foundation, takes the time children spend outside the classroom and turn it into real opportunities. Over and over again, we engage children in high quality learning and enriching experiences after school and during the summer — the months and times of day when children who feel left out and forgotten need us the most. Too many children in Central Texas do not have access to high-quality learning and enrichment that will keep their hard-earned academic skills sharp. Through high-quality afterschool activities developed in cooperation with the Austin Independent School District, as well as an acclaimed six-week summer program, investing in innovative summer activities, and other joint initiatives with key groups throughout the city, we are creating new chances for all kids to grow in literacy, STEM, art, and sports — all during months and times of day when statistics show they're typically most at risk and falling behind.
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Last Updated on 07/18/2024