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Everything you want to know about My Giving Hub

Our Mission:To provide an easy way for generous donors to give to worthy causes while retaining their privacy and eliminating the hassle from additional donation requests.

Any 501(c)(3) qualified nonprofit may be listed on our site. You tell us how much you want to donate to them, we make the donation for you. The charity never knows who you are or how much you gave, so they can't hassle you for requests for more donations. It's that simple.

We Believe in the Value of Secure Charitable Donations

Our team believes in the importance of giving back; however, we also believe that the process should be easy. If your goal is to share your hard-earned money with a non-profit charity, shelter, church, school, or organization of your choice, you shouldn’t feel as if you are required to donate continuously or even every year to the same charitable organization.

My Giving Hub’s creation stemmed from negative experiences that plagued our team each time they wanted to offer financial assistance to charitable organizations. With each donation, we found that our personal information was shared, our email inboxes and mailboxes were cluttered with requests for more financial assistance and the relentless follow-ups left us feeling as if our donations were being funneled more into marketing versus helping those in need.

That’s why My Giving Hub was created.

We realized that we could help organizations, such as churches, shelters, schools and more without the hassle. Our team took this mission and created My Giving Hub. As a secure go-between donors and charitable organizations, My Giving Hub gives you the freedom to donate without sharing your personal contact or financial information.

You simply go to our website, choose a charitable organization, offer your donation payment via PayPal, and print a receipt for tax deductions. You will not receive any future correspondence; your information will not be submitted to the charity or any third parties; and your financial information will be secure through PayPal – not managed by My Giving Hub or the donor recipient.

It’s easy. It’s secure. It’s hassle-free.

Are you ready to help your favorite charity while keeping your information safe and secure? Click here to get started!


What's your tax ID number?

Our Federal Tax ID number is 84-2812184 and you can find us on the IRS's Tax Exempt Organization Search website

Why are you doing this? What's the point?

The folks who started My Giving Hub got fed up with making donations to worthy charities and then being flooded with emails and snail mail. First the charity sends you emails thanking you for your donation. Then, around the holidays, they send you more emails and postal mail, asking for more money. Finally, many charities sell your contact information to other charities, so you start getting messages from charities you've never even heard of. Sound familiar?

When we donate to a charity, we wanted as much of that donation to go to the charity's work as possible, and we definitely didn't want our donations wasted on sending emails and postal mail. So the idea of My Giving Hub was born.

You tell us how much you want to donate and what charity you want to donate to, and we send that money to the charity. The charity never knows who you are, so they can't bug you with email or postal mail. My Giving Hub is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so you still get a tax deductible receipt for your donation. The only difference is that the charity can't bother you for more money because they don't know that you donated.

When you donate through My Giving Hub, we request the bare minimum amount of information from you that is necessary. We process all of our payments through PayPal so we never have to store your name, address, or credit card information. We don't need that information, and we don't want to have it. PayPal handles the payments, we just need your email address so we can send you your tax receipt. By storing the bare minimum information about you, you can be certain that we won't sell your information to anyone; we don't have anything to sell!

When does the charity get the money I donated?

Instead of sending your money to the charity as soon as we get it, we will do a rollup of all the donations every two weeks. That way, if more than one person donates to any charity, we can consolidate all of those donations and send the money to the charity at one time, saving us and the charity a lot of hassle. As we get bigger, we expect to move to a weekly rollup to help the money move faster to the charities.

How does My Giving Hub stay in business?

We have two sources of income. First, when you donate to the charity of your choice, you are asked if you would like to donate an extra little bit to My Giving Hub. Those donations are used to help with our expenses, which include website development, hosting, and maintenance, legal compliance (so we can maintain our nonprofit status), and employee salaries (all of our staff are currently volunteers). You don't have to donate, but we appreciate every dollar we can get. Your donations keep the lights on and keep our service running. But if you choose not to donate, that's fine, too. You'll still be able to make your donations to the charities of your choice and never be bothered by anybody.

The second source of income comes from the 4% charge that's added to all transactions. We really don't like that one, but it's an unfortunate business necessity. Credit card transactions chew up as much as 3% of the donation that you make, so without this, we'd be losing money on every transaction. That fee goes mostly towards those credit card fees, and whatever's left helps with our bills. For a $50 donation, after credit card fees, My Giving Hub might get $0.50 to help towards the bills, so it's not a whole lot, but every penny counts.

Why isn't my charity listed?

There are several reasons why a charity may not be listed in our system:

  • First, that charity may not be a 501(c)(3) non-profit as defined by the IRS.
  • Second, the charity may not be listed with Charity Navigator, which is where we get most of our data from.
  • And third, we may have missed it by accident. If you want to get your charity added to our list, please click here to get it added and we'll look into it. Please remember that only 501(c)(3) charities are eligible for donations through My Giving Hub.

Why aren't there any salaries in the expenses?

As of right now, all of our staff is volunteering their time and skills to get My Giving Hub up and running. There are times that we have to get some outside help that we have to pay for, which you will see listed separately. Eventually, our staff will want to get paid, and at that time you'll see Employee Salary as a line item in the expense report.

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